Oops, I Haven’t Prepared for My Parents’ Old Age
Rae Votta

THERE IS SO MUCH that I worry about when it comes to caring for my mother as she gets older. The more I research the subject the more I find that I need to plan and think about. I think planning and being prepared is the most important thing during this trying time. My one main resource and recommendation to you is the book “9 Realities Of Caring For An Elderly Parent” by Stefania Shaffer. The book is a personalized look at what the author had to go through when moving in with her mother during her final years and all the problems she faced and the best way to remedy them. She covers organizing doctor visits and keeping on top of medication; financial planning; nutrition; physical therapy; and even family dynamics during such a trying time.. This book covers everything in a really moving and inspiring way. I can’t recommend it enough — http://stefaniashaffer.com/

Good luck to you!

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