Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason
Michael Arnovitz

Fear the Reepers

Michelle Obama trashed Hillary when she was running against Obama. Obama called her unfit and said she made poor decisions! Obama was right! Michelle Obama has to be one of the biggest hypocrites in the world. She had free college off of Americans backs, and had the nerve to call Americans mean? Isn’t she American? Or is that the talk of a bigot. Tearful speech at DNC, after slandering Hillary in 2012.Maybe Michelle should have talked about how first ladies of the past did not mudsling for their husbands , nor try to sway voters with fake tearful speeches.Now those first ladies had more class!

Hillary was made to leave the Watergate case for mishandling evidence! In the Whitewater case,3 of the witnesses testifying against her, were killed in car accidents on the way to court. They were arriving from different modes of transportation. There are 23 secret service body guards who have been killed on planes minus the bodies they were supposed to be guarding (the Clintons). Travel gate,Chinagate to recent DNC staffer who filed against her in court, Shawn Lucas also dead under mysterious circumstances.She laughed and ruined a young, raped, girl’s life. Death surrounds the Clintons! Not a coincidence.Benghazi deaths under her . Profits from Libya made to foundation and her own pocket!You saw it “live” how Comsey of the FBI laid out her guilt about the emails and was afraid to finish it. People die around the Clintons. Let’s be honest.She does not care about minorities, just their vote. Listen to Wiki leak tapes!

Bill Clinton back in the whitehouse again! Biggest groping perv of all.They are killers!My conscious cannot vote for her!Please see “Hillary’s America” and “Clinton Cash”. It will change your mind!