Ever wondered why months later you lost motivation for your goals.?

Sounds familiar? Here is what I found out

1. Think deeply and answer sincerely, do your goals really inspire you?

It’s essential you reflect on your goals and sincerely determine if at the thought of it there’s a surge of emotion no matter how little

You want to sit and think of your goals like they are happening ?

So once you don’t feel inspired by your goals you need to carefully evaluate your why

Presently, am preparing for GMAT exam and have written down my desired score but at a point I realised I wasn’t studying as much as I ought to, I sat and evaluated why and realised my why for the GMAT score wasn’t properly articulated. Once I tweaked that a little and properly articulated why I will have that score, I studied better.

Your clarity of why will strengthen your discipline of how and propel your actions.

2. Once you still feel inspired by your goals but feel too lazy to pursue , then you should actively choose to consistently visualise your goals

Think of a perfect day where your goal is happening, do that consistently.

And act out what you visualized while achieving your goal.

Finally, choose to pursue an inspiring goal that aligns with your value set and consistently visualise your desired goal(result)