Some Things To Check Before Ordering Cosmetic Boxes For Your Brand

Debra Apple
Mar 13, 2019 · 5 min read

Are you a cosmetics brand owner and looking for top quality packaging boxes for your products that can also boost your brand image? Alongside conventional ways of marketing, custom cosmetic boxes by go custom boxes for products also play a significant role in boosting your brand visibility for potential buyers. People buy what they see and when you show them your product in an attractive elegant finish, results are only bound to get better.

Besides this ability of Cosmetic Boxes Packaging to boost brand image and perception, it also needs to fulfill many other significant requirements. Some of these requirements that will qualify your Cosmetics Packaging Boxes for its retail purposes are:

  • Study, tough, protective and durable Cosmetic Packaging Boxes for products ensuring product safety
    • Compact boxes that do not add much bulk, heft or weight to the usually smaller sized cosmetics products
    • Beautiful boxes with suitable color combinations that make customers pay attention to them from retail shelves
    • Packaging with proper nice and attractive printing offering beautiful designs and attention-grabbing finishes
    • Brand logo and product name or image printed boxes boosting brand presence and product marketing
  • Here are a few things you need to make sure before ordering your cosmetic packaging:

How Fragile Are Your Cosmetic Product’s Containers?

The very first question every cosmetic product manufacturer should ask themselves is how fragile their products actually are. This is one of the most significant factors that you need to take into account when preparing your Cosmetic Boxes Packaging. Different products such as lipstick, mascara, nail polishes, and lip-gloss, creams and lotions are provided different containers. All these containers are made from different materials and have their own fragility levels.

Before ordering your packaging boxes, you need to make sure what kind of protection your products will need from them. Where a plastic container of creams or lotions might not need much protection, nail polishes that are usually made from processed glass, will. Even for products such as hair extensions or other fragile yet expensive products, you will need extra protective materials. Cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes are usually the answer but you need to get them in right thickness grades getting maximum protection for your products.

How Can Your Cosmetics Packaging Boxes Impact Sales?

The retail landscape is getting tougher and more competitive. New brands are competing for their share of the market alongside older ones. Any brand that is aimed to succeed, needs to have all basis covered including a sales boost with packaging alongside cosmetic product quality. The packaging is usually the first layer of both physical and visual contact with potential buyers. The more you can do to make this first contact attractive and meaningful, the more your brand sales will benefit.

When ordering your Cosmetic Boxes, you should make sure to get a suitable brand logo and product name with image printing. This printing will always boost your brand image and perception in potential buyer’s minds. For a new brand startup, attractive brand image prints can provide your sales that initial push that you will need to back up with outstanding product quality. Some most attractive ways of getting brand logo printing are:

• Metallic foil stamping in gold, silver or any other suitable finishes
• Fancy raised ink printing with catchy colors and styles
• Embossing or debossing for brand logos and product names
• Fancy color prints with contrasting background colors and printed materials

What Wholesale Deals Are You Getting On Your Packaging?

Packaging boxes manufacturing is slightly different to many other product’s manufacturing. As large as your orders are, manufacturers will find it easy to produce your boxes while keeping costs to a minimum. When ordering your Wholesale Cosmetic Packaging Boxes, you must make sure to select the most affordable prices with attractive bulk purchase add-ons. This will work best when you have found high-quality packaging providers.

Some of the bulk purchase add-ons you should be expecting are:

  • Free shipping to your doorstep
    • Free design support
    • High-quality printing
    • No printing plate and cutting die charges
    • Precise die-cut designs and customizations
    • Affordable wholesale prices

With all these, you should never be willing to make compromises in any of your packaging’s quality features. They should always be available at cheap bulk prices and yet offer high-end material quality, full of contrast attractive colors and custom protection for products.

Check and Verify Quality and Design

Without a doubt, all packaging suppliers will tell you how best quality their Cosmetics Packaging Boxes are. They will also claim to offer cheapest bulk prices with even better value for money add-ons that no-one else does. However, taking their word for it might not always be the best approach. Unless you’ve used your selected supplier’s products before or they get suggested to you from someone, you should verify and check on your own regard.

For factors concerning prices and costs with deals, you can check other suppliers online or through your social circle. For the actual quality of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes, it is best to get samples before you place your final order. Getting samples will enable you to get up and close with all the printing, material quality, and other packaging features. You will also be able to package your product in these for a test run and see how the whole thing feels when packed and finished. Any little problems or mistakes in printing, text and logo orientation or badly placed designs should get caught when you get samples.

How You Will Be Storing Your Bulk Packaging Boxes?

This will sometimes not sound like a bit issue at all. But, established cosmetics businesses and brands will know exactly how difficult can storing bulk Custom Cosmetic Boxes get. When you have these in large numbers, already assembled Cosmetic packaging boxes can require a substantial amount of space. If you already have a small space for all your manufacturing and other functions, you will have to manage this storage problem as well.
One very effective solution is to get flat-shipped packaging boxes for your cosmetic products. For larger sized products, these flat-shipped boxes will take up only a fraction of storage space fully assembled boxes would otherwise. Ensuring your flat-shipped boxes have all high-quality features and are easy to assemble, you can solve this problem for your business.

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