8 Excuses Why My Excuses Are Awesome
James Altucher

I think I know your demon(s). I have a tyrant inside me who cannot stand the thought of my being successful (free and happy). I’ve even read books that call it the lizard brain, the fight or flight reflex mankind has had since the time of Sabertooth Tigers but no longer needs. It’s the Voice that says, “Yeah, you managed to pull this one off [whatever I do well] BUT, what about ________.” It’s the Voice that made me read a PhD’s worth of Self-help books and spend seven years in therapy. Anxiety comes from what iffing. I have been saying, “I trust the process of life” for over twenty years. And life has been very good to me. Except for when I go places like I am right now. And I even know what to do when I’m here: SURRENDER. And live one moment at a time. The present is all we really have. And BREATHE. I have the tools, but they don’t always work. Maybe that’s a tool in itself. I’m a recovering perfectionist, and when I feel particularly challenged by a project or idea (not often), I become obsessed about it. My conception and arrangement are flawless. I edit to perfection. Then I come up with reasons not to keep going.

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