Be together, not the same is a fine idea. Good even. That said, the wildly popular new Android ad featuring unlikely animal pairs is rotten for some of the animals inspiring the oohs, ahhs and copious social media shares.

In particular, I’m talking about the wild animals in some of the scenes: the tiger, the bear, the orangutan who is supposedly hanging out with one dog, a young lion wrestling with yet another dog.

The video was all over my Facebook feed. People tagged me and messaged me. I couldn’t get away from this thing. After all, I’m an…

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Driving change for animals?

Today is National Cat Day. I didn’t know that until I got up and read the news this morning. It goes without saying that I’m a big animal lover, so when I saw that uber had teamed up with icanhascheezburger and local shelters to deliver kittens for a snuggle and possible adoption, I was pretty excited. (As an added incentive, there was a cupcake, though it wasn’t vegan). We just lost our beloved cat to cancer and I’ve been really missing cat snuggles. Sadly,today’s promotions wasn’t an option for my location, but I considered it.

I did wonder what the…

The science community has been called to focus on harassment in recent weeks. From where I sit, this was largely because a number of women wrote about being harassed and treated unjustly. I was shocked by the horrid way that Danielle Lee was treated. Shortly thereafter, I read Monica Byrne’s essay about being harassed and then wound up here on Medium to read Hannah Waters’ essay on her experience of “not-quite harassment.” More accounts emerging each day it seems.

It is a good thing that harassment is getting attention from the scientific establishment and the scientific community more generally. That…

Deb Durham, PhD

Mixing behavior science & data science for social good / obsessed with wiener dogs / fueled by hopeful tenacity / coffee = preferred reinforcer / @d3theorem

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