What You Need to Understand

Binding a Broken Heart with Love

Binding broken hearts
Requires an endless supply
Of love, courage, and fortitude
When a child departs to Heaven

It will always be way too soon
To endure a loss of such magnitude
The heart screams in an unspeakable
Language heard only by other mourning parents

Crawling through this traumatic nightmare
Our mind is disbelieving and denying all
The while because this should never happen
In the real world, in our world, to our children
To us ever

Grief and Grace

Before talking about the most challenging part of my life, I need to provide some context of my experience with people and God. This is not to challenge anyone in his or her religious or spiritual beliefs. What we believe is truly personal. …

What signs have you received from heaven?


Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
I’ve never known such wrenching sorrow
I had the greatest life yesterday
But did not appreciate or
Knew it would end

Today is on hold and yet passing
Through and moving quickly
Toward the past
Tomorrow is not yet here
But I’m not excited to see it
On the horizon…

Debra Gaz

Child loss grief is a life altering journey. My son in heaven helps me to love, inspire, and give a voice for all touched by this tragedy.

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