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I pray they get everything they have coming. I honestly believe that between fake emails going out and then Comey in July begrudgingly and held a scolding tone of voice while Mr. Comey dismissed all charges against her. Then 11 days before the election he pulls this dated intelligence. The information they had was all ready known by the FBI Director Comey. He waited until the democratic candidate was going to win. Then he decided on his own to release this information . This information that had been cleared weeks ago. COMEY DID THIS . HE THREW THE ELECTION TO TRUMP. Russia has been a throne in the US side for 70 years. COMEY I want to know who owns you? Trump or Putin? You are a disgrace to your office. I hope the electors of Hamilton will stop these people in their tracks. We need a responsible and informed President. TRUMP will NEVER be what America needs. He still believe’s he is a dictator. He is unfit. He is by his own admission a Sexual Predator. A Sexual Assaulter. A child raper. He has scared her so badly with death threats to her and her family. So all these women left out to hang dry. He is a Pervert. He never saw a pair of big Hooters he didn’t like. He is a lot of them. One thing he will NEVER BE is PRESIDENT of the United States of America. He is the worse role model ever. He seeks revenge and has no mercy for any who go against him. Well Trump I am Praying you can take what your handing out. Could be you will get exactly what you deserve. Trump and the Fake News that got you elected. Not quite elected. That goes to the Electoral College. You Trump cheated to win and you used a foreign government to help you. Trump I hope there is so much proof against you that you lose so much money over trying to BUY our election using Russia. You do not even know what patriot means. You selfish OLD MAN.

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