Pick a Side
Dave Pell

So I take it you’d call Obama a racist bc HE ACTUALLY fanned Hatred of Whites….Obama’s the ONE who has pitted whites against blacks. He never stood up to the VERY dangerous Black Lives Matter who had the temerity to harrass and stomp on the police trying to do their job….Oh and they STOPPED TRAFFIC, which resulted in a critical patient, in an ambulance, that was NOT ABLE TO PASS THESE HOODLIMS, and the lady died, BC OF THEM!!! Why were they not brought to justice for their Dangerous Antics AND SPREADERS OF HATE AND ANARCHY. They harrassed police and by Obama NOT denouncing this group, made them all the more DANGEROUS to the GOOD ppl of the USA . Talk about denouncing DANGEROUS Criminals and HOUDLiMs: Obama simply allowed ANARCHY. Thank you………….. smdh

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