Community and Protest Sustain Me After Charlottesville

Journalist and activist Shaun King is asking for help identifying this man who brutally assaulted a woman in Charlottesville, VA. Do you recognize him?

Last weekend, it was White supremacist groups marching with torches and attacking social justice activists. But, this was not the first act of anti-democratic, White supremacy groups violently organizing to regain control of the United States. And, it won’t be their last.

I want to stand up and fight for democracy and justice for as long as it takes. But, every image and every new story feels like a gut punch. The Daily Stormer defense of this weekend’s murderous terror attack was the victim’s weight and her womanhood. They want to tear us down one by one, make us feel vulnerable and isolated.

Building community with others committed to fighting racism and facism is one of the strongest tools I have to challenge that vulnerability and isolation. Sometimes, like after moments of extreme violence like last weekend’s terror attack, protest makes me feel connected and empowered. Other times, prayers, shared meals, and talking to activist friends even just on the phone sustain me.

Yesterday, seeing people coming together in my town and across the country made me feel empowered and united.

I tried to distract myself by looking at social media and feel disgusted by the number of White friends who are posting about their fun weekend plans without any mention of what is happening. I anguish over when my friends and family members who voted for Trump will draw the line.

I know this is also on me. As a White person, I need to take responsibility for this hatred coming from other White people. I am grateful for those like Jamie Utt providing a framework for action.

Cartoon of a person kicking a Nazi

May we sustain each other’s activism. Thank you to those who stand up with me and family against White supremacy. This group of alt-Right, Nazis, and other White supremacists are coming to my town. I am so grateful that I have so many to stand up with, despite their calls for violence and hatred.

Share this with someone who sustains you. Help me fight hate with love.

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