Post-Election: 10 Things You Can Do

Donald Trump holds up his arm to the backdrop of a sign “Make America Great Again.”

1. Sign up for The Resistance organized by journalist and activist Shaun King.

2. Donate your time and/or money. See some recommended organizations below.

3. If you’re White, participate in Showing Up for Racial Justice, which organizes White people against racism.

4. Educate yourself about injustice. Here’s a syllabus created to understand Trump’s popularity.

5. Educate your friends, family, and community about injustice. Start a conversation in person or write a blog/OpEd. Host showings of documentaries such as “The 13th” and “Audrie & Daisy”.

6. Put a Black Lives Matter sign at your home or business). Wear a Black Lives Matter shirt (or other gear — I hear there’s even a tie) on Fridays as a part of the Wear Out the Silence Campaign (they sell the shirts too).

7. Advocate for inclusive policies to protect targeted groups at your place of work and to your City Council. Organize with your co-workers and neighbors to make your voices amplified.

8. Subscribe and support journalism such as The New York Times and Democracy Now.

9. Follow activists such as Soraya Chemaly, Shaun King, alicia garza, Andrew Grant-Thomas, Jenny Boylan, Jamilah King, & Feminista Jones.

10. Stop acts of hatred: If you hear hateful things being said to someone on Caltrain or while out, go up and start talking to the victim. Talk about anything until the perpetrator goes away. Ask the victim if they need anything and stay with them until they are sure they are safe.

Recommended Organizations:

National Domestic Workers Alliance: Fighting for the dignity of nannies, housekeepers, and other care workers

Forward Together: Empowering women of color and their families

United We Dream: Immigrant youth building a movement for justice

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): Challenges stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Coalition of rape crisis centers across the state. Advocates for rape survivors.

Black Lives Matter: Challenges violence against Blacks in the U.S.

Native Organizers Alliance: Empowering Native Organizers

Or look for great local organizations working on these issues that need your support.

*This is a handout I created to pass out to my neighbors. I will have my kid color on all of the papers and come with me to distribute. We will give our fruit from our tree with these.