Nine Tips for Finishing That Novel
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A lovely article that I imagine most aspiring writers will find comforting.

I only have one quibble….

What the author says about the money is unfortunately very true with publishing houses. And $50,000 would be a high advance for a new author. It’s usually lower — much lower.

Aspiring authors need to educate themselves about the publishing business, which includes learning about self-publishing. Yes, you will need to pay up front for professional editing, cover design, and formatting. But authors who are able to write faster (hopefully a lot faster) than a book every couple years can write for a publisher and also self-publish — which has much higher royalties than you’ll receive from a traditional publisher. Or you can only self-publish.

The caution is for the aspiring author to learn the craft and not self-publish a book or books prematurely.

Four years ago, I was an aspiring author. Now I’m a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author making a six figure income. All because I self-published. I’ve also become a hybrid, with a publisher for some of my books, while I self-publish the rest.

I know a LOT of indie writers who are doing even better than I am and far more who are supplementing their income from their self-publishing efforts.

Learn the business. Then make an informed decision about which path to take that works for you.

Debra Holland, contributing author to The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing