Post Traumatic Growth: The Best Diagnosis You’ll Receive All Day
The Inclusive Liz Jackson

As a psychotherapist and corporate crisis and grief counselor, I often help people struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress and its aftermath. Focusing on Post-Traumatic Growth gives meaning and purpose to the difficulties of life after trauma, often adding an important spiritual dimension.

Reading this article also brought me to tears in thinking of a dear friend, Dr. Jonna Lannert, Ph.D, whose focus on post-traumatic growth sustained her during her own physical struggles. Before the days of You-Tube, Jonna used the internet to support and counsel others dealing with similar debilitating conditions.

Jonna was a lovely person inside and out, a gifted clinician and writer, a loving mother, young grandmother, and friend, who developed the concept of what she called “Sacred Suffering” to describe Post-Traumatic Growth. I watched her struggle to write about Sacred Suffering even as her health decreased and her pain increased. She was never able to finish her work, which I’m sure would have been a great contribution to humankind. So thank you for writing and sharing about this topic.

Debra Holland, Ph.D, author, The Essential Guide to Grief and Grieving

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