Feminism Should Come With a Warning Label
Sara Schaefer

I loved how Hillary spoke about women’s rights. That abortion is sometimes necessary. Also it is not a decision to take lightly. It is heart breaking and scary when you have a abortion. We women who believe that women should be allowed to decide for ourselves what we want. Our reproductive health is no ones damn business. Since when is okay to pry women. And try give vaginal probes. You are talking about Torture. Men have no idea what a woman is or how she feels. Especially when it comes to such private issues. you in the GOP are consumed with control over every one all the time. Well I do not need your opinion. You carry pictures of aborted fetus. You see we on the other side have more integrity than any of you. How would you like us who do not agree with your gun laws. We have more civility then you on the GOP. You women who critize other women because that is not what you would do. Hey ! Who the hell asked you in the first place. Shut your damn mouths. We should carry pictures of the dead 6 years old that died in Sandy Hook. Just a few weeks ago a shooting took the life of another 1st grader. A little boy. But we are more sensitive then you women who are pro life . Well you are pro life fine. Leave us alone. I do not want anyone to try to save me. I am fine. It is you into religion so deep that you are blinded by what? You will send children to war. You are pro birth I heard a nun say. You are not prolife. If you were really prolife you would make sure that every child born would have all the advantages you can give them. Other then that you women do not have a leg to stand on. It is NOT YOUR DECISION. What do you not get. These decisions are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. So start picketing for the poor. For the neglected and the harmed. A child has first 5 years to get what is called their love map. You will have forever influenced the child you proclaim to love. Keep your own business and I will keep mine. Get over yourselves and get off Being The Pleasure Police. You people women especially love to wipe a smile off your face. I do not go out . I know I am not fit for Public. So until you want to take care of all the children whose abortion you stopped Then you Can care love, food clothes Shoes blankets and anything else they need. You know Like all your time. Your mouths are full of ashes. Like the lies you tell yourselves daily.

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