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People seem to just let Trump and his actions go. He is so outlandish people do not even know HOW to call him out on all his lies. Citizens united needs to be gone. Trump is getting away with murder. Because of Trump and his ugly threats to good people. So you settled out of court. Trump University gone and so is the court case. Then you have to clean up your pussy grabbing women. The way you treat women is apparent in your ruder then rude sons. To them if sexual harassment bothers you then don’t be in the work place. If these two jokers were ever harassed it doesn’t show. Trophy Hunting Murders in Africa. These type are the white men of the future. We must resist the KKK Movement in our Government. Trump you are a menace and a danger to our very Planet. Your lies work in Business. I sincerley hope that you will stop lying to the people. TRUMP is FILTH. So is Pence. Pence and his hollier then thou . His pathetic brow crossing when he is trying to convince the uneducated that he is on their side. Trump is a bully and the Pence is a man who LOVES to take our eights away simply because he doesn’t like something. Oh and all you bible thumpers our there we have a separated Church and state. You in Government stop the GOD BS. I do not care who you worship. I do not care if you worship. Pence has made it illegal in his state to even apply for a marriage license. You cannot lie on the application so that means you cannot get a marriage license. Only one man and one women by gender of both. If you do lie on the license you will get a felony charge along with prison time and a very large fine. Yep that is our Vice President. He and La Paige, Brownback Walker Snyder Scott and so many other GOP Governors with the great white movement. White people are so hung up on skin color Your skin color is not a automatic ticket to heaven. Trump is a SEXUAL PREDATOR. He has said so HIMSELF. He is settling his fraud cases and all others so no court time nor jail time. Money, Money Money ,will make every law go away. The wealthy are the worse citizens but can buy themselves out of anything. Murder too. Trump will be impeached. That is what he wants. That is what I want. He is new Nixon. I am not a crook. No you are worse. You are a liar and a cheat.

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