Is It Safe to Use Electrolysis?

For those who are not familiar with this process, electrolysis involves removing hair by applying electric current to the follicle. Widely used by millions of people, today electrolysis is a big and successful business. Unlike laser hair removal electrolysis is a permanent hair removal therapy approved by FDA as a permanent hair removal treatment. But for newbies, they still have some questions to ask. Here below, we are discussing some basic questions that everyone asks before using electrolysis.

Is it safe?

Of course YES, electrolysis is completely safe and approved by the medical profession. But it is preferable for you to select a qualified electrologist who takes proper sanitation and sterilization procedures.

Is it painful?

Some patients may feel tingling sensations. But others don’t know when the process was started and finished.

Is it a permanent solution?

Believe me, electrolysis is the only permanent solution to removing unwanted hair.

On what body parts it can be used?

Electrolysis can be used anywhere with the exception of superbly sensitive areas such as eyelids. Hairs around chin, neck, lip, nipples, abdomen and bikini line are most common areas for electrolysis hair removal.

How many sessions of electrolysis are required?

A series of electrolysis sessions are required, depending on the structure of hair, sensitivity of skin, medical conditions and previously what hair removal methods are used.

Is it costly?

Electrolysis is costlier than waxing and plucking methods. But remember, it is a permanent hair removal solution.

Will there be any permanent damage to skin?

No, absolutely no permanent damage to the skin surface or anywhere else in the body.

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