August 927: A Blockchain Based Venture Capitalist & Portfolio Management

The popularity of Blockchain has entrepreneurs creating business concepts that will benefit from Blockchain’s transparency and smart contracts. They will turn to ICOs for funding, but a successful ICO requires a huge investment of time and marketing efforts. Most startups lack the necessary resources to achieve optimal exposure and attention from the financial community. Startups need a sound commitment from investors before their first and only chance at a token offering.

Development and other services needed to run an ICO are becoming more and more expensive. When starting an ICO most people are not fully aware of how costly these required services can be. Not having the resources for even a few of these services can stop your ICO dead in its tracks. Bitcoin News recently ran a survey and concluded that 59 percent of last years’ crowdsales are either confirmed failures or failures in the making.

This is where August 927 comes in. August is a decentralized funding source for start-up ICOs. Individuals can present their concept for an ICO project to the August Panel Members. They will analyze the project and determine the concept’s potential for success and market value. If the panel approves of the concept, August will fund the entire ICO.

August 927 will keep a balanced portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Our in-depth analysis of a cryptocurrency will look at its long term money making potential. Our experts will research potential coins to invest in and ask the questions that need to be answered. Is the technology solid? Who are the competitors? Is the sector growing? What kind of cash flow will there be? What kind of revenue streams will be available? What is the market trend? With a big fund and a growing community we can offer a substantial investment. This puts us in a good position to negotiate the best price for our token holders.

August 927’s close group token sale starts in June, followed by the pre-sale in July and the token sale in August. The August 927 token is an ERC20 standard token that will run on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To learn more about this project visit our website at You can also join our Telegram page at, where members of our team are available to answer your questions.

Debra McCann