August 927 Aims to Revolutionize the ICO Funding Process

August 927 aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency ICO funding process, bringing more competition, value and legitimacy to the market. Our team at August 927 will find inspiring ICO startups that are in need of funding. Our expert analysts will identify the projects with the greatest potential based on the quality of their team and the real life application and utility of their technology.

By giving these projects our full support, we position these startup ICOs for success early on. August 927’s stake in the project and our belief in the concept, team, and technology, will set the stage for these projects to reach their greatest possible market value.

The proper level of funding has never been more crucial to the success or failure of a potential startup ICO. August 927 will serve to solidify the confidence in Blockchain projects by providing the proper amount of funding needed to launch a technological product or startup.

As the August 927 roadmap and projected timeline advances, the startups August 927 has funded will have increased in value. We will seek to hold these assets and let them mature to full potential for the benefit of August 927 and our token holders.

Our funding of disruptive startups and Blockchain companies is not only a benefit to August 927 and its token holders, but to the crypto community as a whole. Providing adequate and necessary funding for projects that deserve the opportunity to succeed, will improve the overall reputation of Blockchain startups.

August 927’s close group token sale starts in June, followed by the pre-sale in July and the token sale in August. The August 927 token is an ERC20 standard token that will run on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To learn more about this project visit our website at You can also join our Telegram page at, where members of our team are available to answer your questions.

Debra McCann