August 927 Plans to Fund Inspiring and Disruptive ICOs

The world of ICOs is evolving rapidly. The rise of cryptocurrency is constantly presenting new problems with groups developing meaningful solutions to those problems. Funding is the lifeblood of these projects and is required at every stage from conception to ICO and beyond.

The main objective of August 927 is to provide the necessary funding to promising and innovative projects and boost the overall crypto-community moving forward. Those projects funded by August 927 during the early stages of development can now fully realize their goals, enabling delivery of their new, disruptive technology.

August 927’s strategy is to perform the highest level of due diligence before initiating a startup ICO funding. By assembling the greatest team of Blockchain experts and marketing strategists possible, we will be able to critically analyze each potential project. Candidate ICOs will be put through an extensive vetting and research process.

August 927’s strength will lie in the quality of our advisers, researchers, analysts and consultants. No expense or effort will be spared when investing in the best staff member for each role. This allows us to stay in tune with the market and always choose the ICO with the highest potential for success to be included in the August 927 portfolio.

To learn more about this project visit our website at You can also join our Telegram page at, where members of our team are available to answer your questions.

Debra McCann