August 927 Will Fund ICO Startups with Potential for Success

The crypto community is creating innovative and disruptive technologies just waiting to be conceived and funded. In funding ICO startups with a real chance of success, August 927 will bring more value and legitimacy to the market.

August 927 aims to seek out those startup ICOs that are the most trustworthy, high quality projects that will turn into great opportunities. We will use all of our resources to perform the best possible due diligence and vetting of a potential ICO for funding.

Immediately following the ICO, August 927 can start the application process for the funding of startup ICOs. Attracting applicants that need funding will be accomplished through a variety of marketing efforts.

Our August 927 website will receive online applications, fully automated and designed to have a user friendly entry system, as a means to gather the best ICOs that need funding. August’s expert analysts will choose the best candidates in terms of design, technology and functionality.

By investing early in ICOs we believe in, August 927 can have a positive impact on the entire market. All the advantages that increased capital brings to an ICO startup will stabilize the entire ICO market as a whole.

August 927’s close group token sale starts in June, followed by the pre-sale in July and the token sale in August. The August 927 token is an ERC20 standard token that will run on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To learn more about this project visit our website at You can also join our Telegram page at, where members of our team are available to answer your questions.

Debra McCann