Numerology 3/1/2022 — Part 2


March includes in its name 1, 3, 8, 40, 90 which comes to 142. That number can include 14, 42, 24, and 41. The total is 7. Now, I am not going to go into all these meanings at this time. Some include being Front & Center — with the beginnings of Spring and what happens with that it makes sense. Sprit and spirituality will be mentioned later as there is the 3 in the name and the Month is #3. There is with that sprit also the 8 of being beyond the physical which again shows a spiritual dimension it is the rebirth which is starting in March. 40 is connected with water and while the phrase goes April Showers there is often a lot of rain in March. 90 relates to spiritual and physical wealth, compassion, and a connection to minerals, gems, and earth. The total of 7 is again the spiritual climax, leadership rising, and much more. The 14, 42, 24, and 41 have their own meanings plus each of the other have additional. Again, I am not going into all of those at this time. If you would like to know more message me as I may be doing a class and also have a space I am developing to also just go more deeply into these things.

This year days in March will be the same as the daily total. For example:
3+1+6 (2+0+2+2) = 10 = 1
3+13 (=4) +6=22=4 or =13=4

It is an interesting thing that will not occur in any other month in 2022.

Moving onwards.

March, #3, is associated with Mars who is the God of War. In the current climate this meaning seems to be strong. However, there is much more to consider. March is associated with Pisces & Aries (I am not an astrologist so you will need to look elsewhere for meanings there) and the element of Water and Fire. Now Mars, a Roman God, was honored for conflict as a means of gaining lasting peace. For ancient Rome there were many, at least 5 main, rituals that celebrated this notion with chariots and ritual workings designed to protect the military. It is said that March is the time to go into battle, especially spiritual,

For the Celtic and some other northern traditions, the month is associated with the Alder and Ash trees. If you are familiar with Tree Ogham you can find out the implications of that. Alongside traditions around the world March is when we will see the Spring Equinox — the time when the amount of day and night are equal. In the Southern hemisphere this is when Autumn starts with the Fall Equinox.

March has a number of gems that are associated with it. You can look up the meanings of these stones elsewhere. They include Bloodstone, Aquamarine, and Diamond.

Now, I live in Tennessee where the flower of March just started blooming about a week ago. That flower is the Daffodil and is one of my favorite flowers. Interestingly their meaning is that of rebirth and new beginnings. It’s Latin name though is Narcissus and said to be associated with the Greek God of that name who while beautiful was arrogant. Thinking on the 8, 7, and 3 in March I can’t help but think of that balance of vice/virtue in #8 as it relates to the self while also being beyond the natural, a leader, a King, and the spiritual. Beauty comes with the artistic notions of 3 as well.
““Daffodils that come before the swallow dares and take to the winds of March with beauty.” ~ William Shakespeare

Before we get to some of the more religious or spiritual importance of March there are a number of secular, profane, or culturally developed events in March. They include Women’s History Month here in the US and National Nutrition Month in Canada. It is a craft, crochet, play the recorder, and youth art month among other things.

Moving more towards the spiritual (beyond what was already shared) we see most simply…Again, these are only a few things about March. Much more will be shared as we move through the month. Look out for both the Today Is and the Numerology Posts each day to learn more.

Judaism will see the celebration of Pesach (Passover) which can be seen as meaning between the two evenings. Nisan is the month that coincides with March and April in the civil calendar and represents the beginning of Spring. In Exodus when Gd in speaking to Moses said, “This month shall be for you the head of months, the first of the months of the year.” The Torah refers to it as the chodesh ha-aviv (the month of spring). The berachah, a special Mitzvah blessing, can only be fulfilled once a year in this month upon seeing a fruit tree in bloom.

will be starting the month with Shrove / Mardi Gras on the 1st which are celebrations ahead of Lent that begins with Ash Wednesday. The celebration, St. Patrick’s Day will occur on the 17th and in many places is a celebration that lasts more than just that day.

Hinduism will have a number of sacred days that occur each month but also the big celebration of Holi on March 18th.

Buddhism will include on the Full Moon the celebration of Avalokitesvara’s Birthday which is meant to celebrate the ideal of the Bodhisattva.

China/Other Eastern: Celebration of spring.

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