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Mistakes need to be removed. This fabrication, counteracting it most strongly is the notion of natural compliance, is the result of efforts to force children to adhere to adult standards. In conclusion, we note that the concept of natural compliance, at its early stage of development, incorporates two factors with absolutely no inherent connection. Prior to Rousseau’s era, educational reformers tended to uphold the importance of education by assigning it almost limitless power. It is thought that the peoples, classes and people of the same people are different simply because of the difference in training, training and practice, in fact, everyone at birth all have the same intellect, reason, and cognitive ability. FACE MASK GRINCH 6 FEET PEOPL.E The basic unity of intellect means the basic equality of all people and the ability to make them all have the same level. As a counter to this point of view, the doctrine of harmony with nature means a much less formal and abstract way of looking at the mind and its capabilities. It has replaced the abstract abilities of discrimination, memory, and generalization, with specific instincts and motivations and physiological abilities they differ from one individual to the other. as they are distinct, as Rousseau pointed out, even in dogs of the same litter.

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In this respect, the doctrine of the harmony of education with nature has been strengthened by the development of modern biology, physiology, and psychology. In fact, the difference between one individual and another means that, no matter how significant the upbringing, adjustment, and transformation of a direct education effort, Yet, uneducated gifts still provide the foundation and basic resources for that upbringing. FACE MASK GRINCH 6 FEET PEOPLE. On the other hand, the doctrine of natural compliance is a political doctrine. That is, it is rebellion against existing social institutions, practices, and ideals. Rousseau’s statement that everything is good when it comes from the Creator’s hand only makes sense when it is the opposite of the conclusion of the following statement: should be corrupt due to human hands. And he said: People naturally have an absolute value; it is a unit of quantity, a whole integer and does not have any relationship other than the relationship with itself and its fellow beings.

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