“Food Shaming”

Why is it that when people choose a healthier lifestyle it seems like their friends, family, or significant others start “Food Shaming” them? One main reason is that most people are afraid of CHANGE so when one chooses to live healthier and make healthy food choices the people they normaly are around haven’t personlay made those changes in their lives so they start “Food Shaming”, because they personaly haven’t made the change themselves and would rather take the easy route and have company while eating the so called unhealthier foods that normally make them feel bad after eating and well we all know “misery loves company”. They also may feel and know that they aren’t eating the healthiest and feel ashamed of their food choices. They are afraid you might change to much and not want to hang around them or they also might feel like you might get to healthy and not be so much fun…… Well that doesn’t have to be the case. Now you do have to put yourself first, and this by all means doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you aware of what you put in your body and the long term consequences like, diabetes, weight gain, heart diease, obisity, cancer,….. etc. All these choices even though they might be small will lead to some kind of consequence in the long run weather good or bad. Once we choose a healthier lifestyle and feel like we are being “Food Shamed” we need to take a stand for our health and talk to our friends, family, significant others. Let them know why you are making the change and who knows they might have been to afraid to make the change alone and might want to join you. Y’all can make it into a game and even show them that you are still fun and can still go out and eat healthy by choosing healthier options on the menu. (Most restaurants now a days have healthier choices and even have the calorie count next to the meal).

If you have made the change to start eating healthy don’t let others “Food Shame” you, talk it through with them, remember why your making the change, and take a stand for your health!

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