Why it’s ok to be selfish when it comes to your Health

Why taking care of yourself first isn’t selfish….. Some people may think or even say “you work out to much”, “oh come on you don’t have to workout today”, or even “you can eat that cookie, cake, ice cream, popsicle, etc…. you won’t get fat”. Now they are right one bite of someting BAD won’t make us fat, but what they haven’t stopped to realize is that maybe getting fat isn’t what we are worried about, if we have our nutrition dialed in. Personally, I look at ingredients, and all the chemicals that are put in this so called FOOD we eat. Everything we put in our bodies affects us one way or another in a good or bad way. And if we eat these BAD foods often they will affect us in a BAD way sooner then later. Just like a healthy salad won’t make us skinny overnight neither will a bite of pizza or hamberger get us fat overnight. It’s these daily choices that we make, whether big or small, all choices have consequences. Everyday we make choices. We should choose our health. We should all make a choice to be more active and eat healthier, our bodies will definitely thank us. And by putting our health first we put ourselves first, and that is totally ok. Why should we be selfish when it comes to our bodies and our health? Because if we can’t take care of ourselves and our health what makes you think we can take care of others, our loved ones. Especially if you have children, they eat what you eat, they do what you do. We all lead by example, whether good or bad. So by being selfish and taking care of yourself you are actually helping others around you. Not to mention you will be happier and in a better mood. If you are happy with yourself and how you feel, it will make others happy to be arund you. So go ahead, lets all be selfish and put our health first. Lets all choose to be active and eat healthier… It’s ok! Your body will thank you! At the end of the day “If you don’t choose health you’re choosing illiness”