Books without readers: a discoverability problem
Adam Kolczynski

This is really great, honestly.

One of the problems I encounter as a reader is that I get really excited about certain books. I read blogs that give them good reviews. I buy them. And the books end up being truly disappointing or not exactly what I wanted or what I expected. That’s why I find having excerpts available a must. It also help with another problem: too many books available mean I need to make lists as a reader of what I want to read or what I plan to read next. I need to prioritize. And it’s easier to do that when I have a good idea of what a book has to offer.

The themes are great (to be fair, the themes AND the excerpts work well together because a lot of other sites will offer lists/themes like that).

The only issue is that the platform will entirely depend on the authors willing to be a part of it. If all sorts of writers/publishers decide to participate, that’s great. More than that, it‘s amazing. If only a certain type of writers/publishers use it — like self-published writers, it might become a specific platform to discover self-published books instead of the general platform it could be.

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