Mestra Aoyama, a professora de Monja Coen no mosteiro de Nagoya, durante onze anos, contava a história de uma aldeia habitada por ladrões. …


On September 14, 2018, the city of Manaus, located in the State of Amazonas, hosted the first edition of the Global Goals Jam event, the GGJ of Manaus 2018, focused on finding solutions for the impact of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The three intense days of true learning, brainstorms and connections. All at an accelerated pace, enabling a series of concerns and attitudes, such as learned practices proposed from the beginning.

The first day, held at Samsung Ocean, located at the School of Technology of Amazonas State University (UEA), was surrounded by surprises since the beginning. Led by Camila Lima and organized by the Staff with the support of a group of volunteers, the first day brought together a group of 30 people from different areas in order to make the world a better place and of course to do a lot of networking. As a first step, Camila clarified the role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) and brought tools that we would use over the next few days, such as Design Thinking and Scrum. The moments of inspiration were diverse, but one of the most relaxing was applied by one of the volunteers, who asked us to close our eyes and breathe deeply to slow down the thoughts. …

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