79% Is Not Enough. Women Deserve More.

Liza Landsman,

Well you have lost my business! I did not sign up for emails with personal views to educate me on the gender gap. I am a 58 years old woman that chose jobs generally for men for the higher pay and was the only woman on several blue collar job choices that spanned from 1977 to 2008. I was treated like gold and paid according to experience and performance as was other men equal in ability and performance. I have been and will continue to advocate for people, men and women, who deserve to be recognized and paid fairly for their performance.

In closing I feel violated that you feel you have the right to use my email subscription to enter my home on my personal device and advertise what you advocate which obviously is a marketing strategy as your email opt-out states :

“You have opted out of marketing e-mails from Jet.com. There is no turning back. Just kidding — to resubscribe, click the “Opt Back In” button below”

Debra Roskowski — Opted Out.

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