Abid Hussain

Takes guts to step up and write this right now — it points out the complexities of humans. I also agree with others that timing may be too soon.

I’ve known Dave for years and found him supportive personally but also extremely inappropriate at times — not only towards women — and I’ve often cringed as he stands in flip flops and tshirts and rants — perpetuating the awful bro culture side of startupland [its part of his brand for better and now for worse]. It highlights that harassment when not overt [the many recent cases] is often subtle and insidious and not uniform. Dave and others can be supportive of woman in general and simultaneously behave radically inappropriately to others. Many male VC’s [and broader male tech world] have lacked understanding of how their often unconscious biases play out.P.s. So angry on your behalf for your experience. Step down! Have my husband play pretend CEO — sheesh.

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