Don’t make me feel better
Alexandra Samuel

Thank you and I concur. This is not only an online problem. However, the Net does shine a magnifying glass on how we choose to interact with each other and the very binary nature of communication online. Specifically, we chose to build features that do not celebrate support, dialogue and healthy debate but attention, celebrity, quick gestures and grandiosity.

This election has pushed to the forefront how we are forging a new social contract with each other as a result of 24/7 connectivity — from relationships to “fake news”, civic [and civil] discourse and electorate participation. I can only hope this wake up call continues to shine a light on our need to rethink many of our tools of participation with each other and with govt, media and society as a wh9le.

[been working on draf tideas around this for years — might be time to finally hit post ;) ]

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