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“There’s no life-work balance. We have one life. What’s most important is that you’re awake for it.” Janice Marturano

40-something adopted Mancunian. Mother to two young boys, wife, daughter to ageing family over 100 miles away & full-time working career woman. Interested in life, business, personal development, jewellery making and ceramics.

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Think you are Superwoman, rapidly switching the role you’re playing; mother, wife, mother, career woman, mother, daughter, mother, carer, mother.

Spending your days meeting the needs of your kids, husband, client or boss, but somehow not finding space for some precious me-time?

Sure you wouldn’t change a thing, but reliving the freedom of watching the sunrise in Ibiza ……………..

… you get the drift; then Life Balance Manchester is here for you.

I started Life Balance to help people, like me, who at different times — sometimes all on the same day — feel overwhelmed, exhilarated, inspired, perplexed, anxious, clear, positive, purposeful, and more.

My aim is to provide inspiration and actionable ideas for working parents to help manage overwhelm, reduce guilt and create balance in life.

It’s about all those things that help us, as working parents, to achieve and maintain our mental and physical wellbeing.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to let yourself go; sinking into mid-life obscurity — ageing, sexless and overweight.

Do you also feel overwhelmed and exhausted just reading the articles about working mums who have it all: Superwomen who go to the gym at 5am, raise 3 kids and are CEO of a major corporate company by day?

At the same time, are you tired of reading wholesome, mother earth blogs. Wishing with every beat of your heart that you could be like that, but feeling — knowing — that it’s just not you?

My aim is to challenge and inspire, not to make you feel inadequate.

I won’t be posting;

  • stories about how you can have it all,
  • pictures of perfect yoga poses on the beach at sunset (no matter how beautiful they are),
  • exercise inspiration for 3-hour daily workouts,
  • details of weekend meditation retreats,
  • marathon training programmes,
  • recipes for freshly cooked organic meals on the table each night.

Or anything that requires a 5am rise or a 25-hour day!

But it’s not a pity-party either. It’s about moving forward through that overwhelm and to a place where you have the life balance you seek. What that looks like is your own goal — it will be different for all of us.

This is about making decisions, looking at what’s holding you back from taking action. Small changes, practised daily become habits and create transformation.

I will post about the little things that will support you to achieve mental and physical wellbeing in a practical and realistic way; things that we can integrate easily into our daily lives.

  • 7 minutes of exercise,
  • 5 minutes’ meditation,
  • a 10-minute lunchtime walk,
  • quick, nutritious meal ideas
  • a lap running around the block,
  • Productivity and life hacks, and
  • the importance of quality sleep

It all makes a difference when done on a regular basis.

Whatever you do, wherever you’re at, whatever your story, Life Balance’s purpose is to inform, support, challenge, provoke and inspire you to take daily action to achieve the balance you want in life.

I would encourage you to participate and share so that we can support each other and build a community of like-minded individuals: Positive, forward looking people. People who want to change and are motivated to change, but who, like me, need reminding from time to time.

We’re all human.

I would encourage you to focus on one daily thing that leads to the life you want. Step outside of your comfort zone, embrace the discomfort and know that small daily steps create big changes over time.

Introduce yourself in the comments below: please share your story; your best life hacks; or just tell me one single thing would improve your life balance the most.

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