Where you see adversity I see rainbows. Where you see problems I see solutions. Where you see complaints I see possibilities.Where you see negativity I see positivity. Where you feel the need to put down, I will find positive production to go. up every time. Because praising rather than ranting makes everyone feel good and when you feel good ? Good things happen. I’ll do a happy dance for the success of others because that’s what optimists do. Praise, hats, music, peace, patience, bridges, He said : PEACE BE STILL. no. rants with my hats & moccasins all will be well He said so! I use a Peace Boat Philosophy I know it is not for everyone but for those it helps? God Bless.

When others take a bite for GP they advance the awareness of all that cannot take a bite due to GP! Just as people hold marathons for people who are paraplegics? We are doing the exact same thing and that is why people are so excited about this campaign.

Dr Thomas Abell has dedicated his life, research and every part of his life to help those with motility disorders — we love him for this! I know there are many that are as excited about this as I am. I want you to know that words cannot quite convey what it means to have support from your family, friends, loved ones and strangers when you fight so many times alone? You think nobody can know what it feels like to be homebound and not be able to do what others can do and have people drop like flies out of your life.

This campaign shows the love support and solidarity for those with motility disorder’s! Whether you are just dealing with gastroparesis — - >” just” y’all because of your stomach doesn’t do what it supposed to do it is a Horrendous. “just” so when I say “just gastroparesis” I don’t mean a little “just “I mean a big “just “the end of the story folks. There is more because for some of us it starts from the moment you put a bite in your mouth to the esophagus then goes to the stomach progresses to the small intestine is not through it goes to the large intestine where everything can. immediately stop at the very beginning of 3 feet of large intestine — do you know what that does to you?!! Can you even begin begin begin to imagine the effects of your stomach having rotting. food inside of you — along with bowels + gas. + poop inside of you are. sick for days and days and days and days can you imagine how miserable you are the gases that are beginning to build up inside of you! I’m so sorry to be so graphic, but I want you to create a visual! Because now I want you to be ready to understand — why you want to take a bite for GP! To. take up the challenge and pass it along!!! I want you to know when we are calling #Spoonies based on the Spoon Theory we don’t have the energy that others have it is from all of these things combining themselves to create pain,nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, & fatigue.

So, no we aren’t using ice buckets! #Spoons. OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT SUITS YOUR FANCY!!!!

We are using a variety of things in our photos and video challenges. We are using our IV supplies, our sipping straws, our empty spoons, our ensures, our boosts, anything and everything to convey the message of why we want you to #TakeABite4GP

Of course we encourage you to donate a dollar to IFFGD OR AGMD. or any other non-profit. organization that means something to you and or sign HR 2311 to ask for cosponsors for the motility disorder Bill that is sitting in committee we need it. out of committee! It will benefit all with motility disordes IBS or any other motility disorder by creating centers of excellence, treatments, research, and hopefully all of this will lead to a cure for gastroparesis and all other motility disorders.

*****#TakeABite4GP Campaign Challenge ****

*W/Photo or video

*Challenge 3 to do the same &

*Donate at least a dollar for research to help find a cure for GP — Gastroparesis -Motility Disorder