When the world throws an incurable illness in your lap then you learn who truly loves you for you & for who you are as a person and who does not. Some speak about you behind your back and some speak as if you are deaf and blind! No “you’re friends! We are nuts!, Not, we are still here, asking questions which could have been answered by you! Your guts ….are the issue at hand but no🤔 it is a reality which occurs at a more reasonable rate. Because it fails at a more regular rate than we could presume! But failure = success. Failure = Success!

So, let’s gather our toys, that is with the agreement we understand it. Was still you acting under anonymity.!

Lloyd vs Esq I might look like I am ready to go out but I am not! No! I am about to have an IV infusion with potassium, on the side! And my normal infusion protocol order.. of IV infusion with zofran and phenergan.


Desperately trying not to toss my cookies (vomit) it will relieve the nausea

Due to loving a broken person! We do not have to remain

This way! We are approaching a day when we will all with

our little self teaching. Speeches are being given to us and it will be because of all of you! Who spoke and didn’t have your E = energy but did so any way! I did not have to but I chose E then rested! It is our way, *never take anything personally! We Will go forward without damage to ourselves or others with this grace! it is the beauty of loving yourself with a higher power! We carry with us our morning meditations with the Lord! I use “The Optimist Creed,” From Don Nigggal Ruiz, along with my Great Grand Mothers Daily Devotional “God’s. Minute” he it’s intro was like having a living breathing testimony. Which usually there is usually no way to go back and prove this! I on the other hand had my grown married wo woman obviously struggling with issue. Her Name was Zachary Taylor Broadway … it was a plain example of the issue

My doctor just smiled when this was my daily reading for the day and why! He was quite pleased. Plus I had more information for him that day.