Give Life Back To Music

Have you ever just fallen in love with a song? It could be multiple songs or just one but it always somehow finds its way back to taking your breathe away? I’ve fallen in love with so many songs through out my life and sometimes it just takes a little push, a little realization to make you see how much you love the song, the music, the lyrics, the sound, the vocals, the instruments, everything about the song. What it makes you feel…music is by far the one thing in my life I am eternally grateful for. It is the one thing in my life that has NEVER failed me once. In the 22 years of my life, music is what has kept me going. It has shown me eternal love, even through all the pain I have gone through. No one can take away my love for music. No one.

Music is what is making me feel alive for the first time in my life even now. How could I not love music the way I do? It makes my heart soar, every time I let it consume me.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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