Many bad debtors seek for ways to conceal its assets aside and just ignores creditor’s request for repayment.

When debtors comes to know that creditor have filed a civil lawsuit against them, they usually try to dispose its assets to third party and keeps their financial status bad. In this situation, obtaining a full-winning award from court would be useless because there is no asset left when the final award is rendered.

In this case, PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION will be adequate remedy for creditors to bind debtors’ asset before they initiate main litigation procedures.

To proceed PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION, creditor should prove that (1) they have claiming right against debtors and (2) debtors are (or likely) to conceal its asset when they get to know litigation is started against them.

When court renders an order for PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION, creditor should pay certain amount of deposit to court. The court will render separate order for deposit to creditor.

PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION is not a standalone procedures, thus it should be accompanied by civil lawsuit.