Cryptosoul Airdrop

CryptoSoul is the first battle royale mining game in the world. Here you will find a fantastic world of adventures with the game currency you can take away to the real world. Are you ready to try? Instead of paying money to play games, CryptoSoul is changing the world to make you earn money for playing video games.
KYC is required to earn the maximum CryptoSoul available.

Click here to register for the Airdrop landing page link:
2) Verify your email and login to the Dashboard. You have to complete several social media tasks, for example:
3) Join their Telegram link:
4) Follow their Instagram link:
Click on the link and tweet:
Follow them on VK Channel link:
5) Complete all the social task from the dashboard. You have to submit your details in the dashboard to directly verify the completed task.
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