Besides not being based on evidence, pseudoscience and quackery tend to contradict themselves in very entertaining ways.

Here are some of the most hilarious examples that I have come across during the many years that I have advocated for science and critical thinking on the Internet:

  • Rejecting cancer-preventing vaccines against HPV and hepatitis B, while insisting that “they” are hiding the cure for cancer.
  • Refusing to accept GMOs “because pesticides” when GMOs reduce usage of dangerous pesticides.
  • Calling science advocates “sheeple” for accepting well-supported scientific explanations, while ignorantly believing everything they saw in a conspiracy video on YouTube.
  • Insisting that…

Humans have been modifying crops for over ten thousand years.

Conventional methods (such as crossbreeding or treating plants with mutagens or radiation) involve large-scale and imprecise changes that are unknown.

Using biotech solutions like genetic modification, researchers can make small, precise and extremely well-known changes to crops for the benefit of humans and the environment. GM crops are also much more well-tested than conventional crops to make sure they at least as safe.

So what are some of the environmental benefits of GM crops?

#1 GMOs decrease dangerous pesticide usage

Genetically modified insect-resistant crops produce their own, highly-specific pesticide (called…

Debunking Denialism

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