The Middle-aged Hacker!

Tales of a Middle-aged Hacker: Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?!?!?!?

21 October 2016

It’s 3am and I have been coding for several hours. These days I find it hard to sleep. I love coding, learning new things, making it work. I know also that I have a finite amount of time before I have to be employable. While desperation is a good motivator, it’s not good for sleep.

Some days I look at my FCC map, at the things I’ve done and feel pretty damned good. Other days I sit down to read articles and feel awful. I have learned so much. I have to learn sooooo much more. Today I read about the “Valley of Despair”. It seems that there is a honeymoon period for new coders. HTML, CSS, students think they are kicking ass and taking names. Then there comes the “Valley of Despair”. You trudge through course after course, language after language, feeling dumb. I have read that at the end of the valley you will begin a climb to competence. Things will start to work, you will understand, be able to change and implement. No one seems to know how wide the valley is. My friends and family ask me how long it will take. I don’t want to guess because I am sure it is much wider than I can imagine.

I feel like the five year old in the back seat, “Are we there yet?!?” I have finished FCC’s html and CSS and feeling good about how far I have come. I mean, I know that what I have done so far is the easy part. It’s only been two months and I am ready to start my Portfolio site.

If you pass me in the valley, say “Hi”.