More often than we think, it’s not so much what we do but rather our intentions when we do it.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Once I helped a girl move to Brooklyn. Not a close friend, someone I’d met through my college friend, Dan, at an event and then, when she moved to New York from Kansas, I saw her again a number of times while she was crashing with him.

I arrived to get her in the afternoon but she was busy socializing. I didn’t verbalize it but felt taken for granted. We didn’t leave until almost 10pm — great, I love driving…

Many years ago, after answering a personal ad from the newspaper, I was stood up at a diner, left to wonder if the person just didn’t show or were sitting in their car deciding when they saw me that they didn’t want to pursue it.

My first big girl relationship was in college. I remember telling each other “This is it, you’re the one.” Barf. Until he left me to date a high school girl. I was crushed. It would be a really long time before I loved again without a shield on my heart.

My first marriage was to…

Deb Wertz

Math geek/yogi. Serious love affair w words. Don’t tell music.

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