Deborah Hart Yemm
Jun 22, 2018 · 1 min read

I actually thought the same possibility. Like normally she’d be wearing a $51,000 jacket or carrying a $1,500 purse. So, it occurred to me she might be like a friend’s mother when I was young way back in the 1970s. “I don’t care who he’s with as long as this is the home he comes home to.”

After all, the only reason I can think of that she’d be with him would be for the cushy lifestyle he makes possible. And I honestly do believe she loves her son — the one thing she got from Donald that money actually can’t buy.

But then, there is the thought that the WH is using her for PR — quite likely !! In which case, Donald said to her — I want you to wear this cheap coat with the offensive message to prank the media. They’ll go wild over it and then I can tweet “FAKE NEWS”, which is what he did.

Deborah Hart Yemm

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