Slack is back

I spent my weekend at Gateway Con — the St Louis Writer’s Guild hosted writer’s conference and reader’s convention. Since I’m yet to be commercially published, and in the midst of so many published authors (which was it’s own kind of heaven for me and circumstances that one year ago I could not have even imagined myself in), I had to fight back feelings of being some kind of fraud.

Like you, I have lots that I “want” to write and all of these are pending my applied effort. And I’ve got a great excuse (I can’t write, which is what I really want to be doing, because I have to finish up our tax data so the accountant can complete our returns which are on extension — and being on extension is the “normal” for me but I do always eventually get it done — clearly doing that work is not where my own heart is !!).

I feel inspired by my weekend in community with other writers. And just today, I read about someone’s book launch and how it took them 10 years. I guess both are part of the path — the feelings of inadequacy and the need for persistence.