What a pathetic article.

It is interesting but back when I was trying to write a novel on an old manual Underwood typewriter in the early 1970s, I don’t think I did the double space after a period thing.

It was only when I started doing a LOT of online commenting about 10 years ago on a computer keyboard that the double space after a period became part of my own personal “style” in writing. No one taught it to me. No one convinced me to do it. I never even knew there was a controversy surrounding that usage. I knew that I couldn’t submit work for publication with two spaces after the period — so I did understand my choice was unconventional.

I just personally found it easier to read and hoped my readers would too. Only my children (especially my 12 yr old geek) make an issue of it. But because my youngest son has made an issue of it, I not only read your article but am reading through a LOT of comments as well.

My way of celebrating Mother’s Day ? Maybe.

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