Often a lack provides opportunity for another area of our lives to be filled.
Jathan Maricelli

You asked -

How were you able to rise above your trauma and achieve new growth?

That is a good question.

I think we often don’t know the resources we have to draw upon until we simply have to do it.

At least for me. I think it was realizing how serious the moment was. How my whole life could be upended and also understanding that there was fundamentally nothing truly wrong in my relationship.

I suppose in the end love enabled my heart and mind to do a good work. Lots of communication. Lots of sharing my perspectives about unconditional love. I could see past the temporary cruelty and understand it was a wounded human being acting out. The source turned out to be an early betrayal of love at a young age. Working through how now was different than then helped in the end I believe.

So how ? It was strength I found within my self, my core values, my understanding that however that situation actually turned out, I could go on and do whatever my life made necessary. Maybe it is a bit like knowing all roads lead somewhere, therefore it is not possible to ever be truly lost.

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