In the Head

“I miss her.”

“He said he misses me.”

“I wonder if she believes me.”

“I don’t believe him.”

“Her hair’s a little longer than before.”

“He’s grown more muscle, I think.”

“She’s more independent now.”

“He said I was more independent now.”

“She asked how my new relationship was.”

“I asked how his current girlfriend is.”

“I didn’t know how to answer.”

“I shouldn’t have asked.”

“She seems to be single.”

“I’m glad he didn’t ask about my nonexistent love life.”

“If I asked her to take me back…”

“I would’ve said yes.”

“She would’ve said no.”

“But he’d never ask me that.”

“She’s more beautiful now.”

“He’s smile is as charming as ever.”

“I still love her.”

“I still love him.”

“But she doesn’t anymore.”

“But he doesn’t anymore.”

“I wonder if she can love me again one day.”

“I’ll probably continue loving him.”

“I would love her right this time.”

“Even if he loves someone else now.”

“So I said, ‘bye’.”

“So I said, ‘see you later’.”

“I didn’t realize I would think about her.”

“I didn’t realize my heart could still race that fast.”

“I must be still in love with her.”

“I must be still in love with him.”

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