Earthquake in the Vulnerable City

Layered, patched, absurd, entangled, dazed, forgotten, botched, fragile, low budget, cracked, dada, crowded, frowned, concrete-filled Bucharest. Illustration by Sorina (Vazelina) Vasilescu

How to prepare for an earthquake

In movies and history, the day a tragedy happens seems special. In fact, it is a day like any other day, which unexpectedly becomes the moment when your life will never be the same again. (Ioana Șopov)
Buildings have their own life, with rusty grids of veins, mould-corroded skin, cracking floors, sockets and switches. We are small organisms populating a larger animal. Sorina (Vazelina) Vasilescu
Bucharest is a disaster about to happen and, for now, the only things we have to protect ourselves are some mobile apps. Dan Crețu (retouching by Viorel Gheorghiu)
A printed piece of paper becomes a character, the same way a cardboard package that you usually throw away can become a cover or even a temporary shelter. (Claudiu Ștefan)
Am I scared? Really? I don’t think so. The earthquake is there, pending, but it’s not tangible, its deadline is not tommorow. I should be trembling; the indifference of the public administration is also my indifference. (Radu Manelici)
I thought of an object that people will find once the survivor hunt begins. An object that is there on hundreds of buildings, yet it is ignored by too many people. (Andrei Turenici)
People don’t trust the authorities. But they are too busy with their day to day life in order to do something by themselves. I bet there are no more fire extinguishers today in people’s homes than they were before Colectiv. (Dan Perjovschi)




Quarterly magazine publishing narrative nonfiction from Romania

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DoR (Decât o Revistă)

DoR (Decât o Revistă)

Quarterly magazine publishing narrative nonfiction from Romania

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