This package tries to leverage the power of Message Pack and msgpack.php

Mainly this uses while updating the underlying code & upgrading to the above mentioned msgpack.php package.

There are 3 possible use cases for this repository due to it’s server & client perspectives

  1. Client (my main use case)

aside from the obvious host and port arguments for the Client class, let's see the arguments for the call function:

  • first argument is a string naming the function to be called on the server side (see tests/server.php)
  • the call method is a variadic function, hence the following arguments are concatenated to an array on…

Using gRPC as a replacement for GEARMAN communication between PHP and Python

You might need or want to create a software architecture where everyone is welcome.

If there is an opensource project that solves a problem of your domain like crunching metrics or storing some metadata somewhere else like analytics, I am sure you are used to just call an API through a simple HTTP call.

But when you want to deploy a service of your own, that is at the core of your domain you would definitely want to use something faster as execution, easier to maintain and simple.

All computers wait at the same speed.

Starting from the need to…

Series Introduction

Empower your applications with efficient concurrency

Untitled presentation.png
Untitled presentation.png

The series

Filled with examples, this series will show you all you need to know to start using concurrency in Python.

Viewers will gain the knowledge of main approaches to concurrency that Python has to offer including the libraries and tools needed to exploit the performance of your processor. Learn the basic theory and history of parallelism and choose the best approach when it comes to parallel processing. Write efficient concurrent applications that take advantage of modern day multi-core processors or to provide interactivity to users. …


It gets harder and harder to anticipate events like the one on 16th of January, here is my curated list of resources to explore (recently explored the Alps hence the photo above).


  • CRYPTOCURRENCY CALENDAR — Evidence-based & community-driven with really great filters allowing to get to the root of some movements in the markets

Twitter Accounts: Inspired by 10 Fascinating People of #CryptoTwitter You Need To Follow of @stellabelle I decided to share my short list of accounts as well.

Problem: how to guide programmers to implement domain driven design and modular architectecture.

Relevant technologies used:

— apollo client
— graphql
— react native
— nodejs
— redux

As a programmer I am always inclined to prioritise technical detail and `just making things work`.
One of the techniques to prevent building monolithic code bases closed to expansion is constant refactoring.

An architecture trick I picked up from developing Domain Driven Design is to twick the questions. When refactoring, I would usually ask myself “what does this object do ?”, …

Although more than half year has passed away, it really seems like not long ago that I started thinking about how best to development an api using the best tools available at the moment.

Best part about all this process is discussing it with your team and putting layers in place according to your knowledge and ability as a team.

Graphql vs Rest API

We were really proud to realise that GraphQl would solve so many of our problems up front and given that around here we are in love with graph data, the fact that the request looks a lot like a graph…

Looking for the new hit or sticking with your known language ?

Is this one of the big questions you are looking to get an answer to ?

First and foremost I want to begin with a saying that most programmers overlook: “A programming language is worth learning if it changes your way of thinking”.

With that in mind I want to make some people question they alegiance to a certain programming language. I gather impressions and knoledge from people around me out of curiosity from time to time. I was surprised to hear from some of the programmers I was looking up to, that they don’t really consider any other programming language.

One friend tried…

Decebal Dobrica

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