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2 min readJul 17, 2022
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Pi Webinars is one of the first dedicated DeEd (Decentralised Education) platforms and the winner of an Honourable Mention in the 2021 Pi Hackathon, where users can upload their videos and receive Pi everytime their content is viewed! Video topics are mostly educational, but users can introduce any topic, including blockchain and cryptocurrency!

Pi Webinars is a dedicated tool that will always make it easy for you to upload, manage, and deliver a seamless video, but we aim to go beyond being just a learning tool. While it promises to offer all the features you would expect from a platform of this kind, Pi Webinars has a lot more to offer — you can easily monetise your content to receive charge viewing fees!

We at Pi Webinars listen to you. We will constantly improve the platform to deliver a great user experience.

How it works:

Pi Network Engaged Pioneers may access Pi Webinars through the Pi browser and upload their respective videos. They may choose from a wide variety of subjects including education, entrepreneurship, online marketing, personal development, technology and innovation, personal finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and food. All videos will be conspicuously posted for other users to browse and view at their leisure. Webinar hosts are encouraged to showcase mostly educational content lasting for at least ten minutes and at most one hour.

Viewers who choose to watch the videos will pay using Pi; the amount of which will be set by the hosts of the webinars themselves. The content creators will receive 80% of all Pi generated through their videos and can withdraw this balance to their wallets at any time.

Pi Webinars is one of the first of the next generation of web apps designed by the Pi community for users around the world looking for new learning experiences through a video platform that sells and buys exclusive content and we hope to have you on board!



Decent Apps

Decent Apps Ltd are the creators of the Pi Hackathon-winning piwebinars.co.uk, piecard.co.uk and pi-lottery.co.uk — dApps that run on the Pi Network.