DBET Token Conversion: A Step-by-Step Process

DBET Community:

We have released our VIP-180 token on the VeChain blockchain.

This post will include instructions on how to upgrade your current tokens to our new VeChain token. This token will be labeled “V3”.

Prior to this release, it was possible for a token holder to have V1 or V2 tokens. Both of these tokens are eligible for the upgrade to V3. The same steps below can be followed for either V1 or V2 tokens.

How to Convert Your Tokens

Here are the steps required to convert to V3 tokens from a wallet with the V1/V2 tokens. Please note you must control the private key or mnemonic device (seed phrase) to make the conversion:

  1. Download the DBET wallet app, it is available for Mac, Windows or Linux: https://decent.bet/wallet.php
  2. Log into the wallet with your private key or seed phrase
  3. Deposit Ethereum into the public address listed on the V1 or V2 wallet screens. This is required to cover the gas costs for the smart contract’s token upgrade.
Recommended ETH for fees is .01 — this should comfortably cover all costs

4. After you have confirmed your wallet holds your V1/V2 DBETs and ETH, open the V3 wallet. A dialog box will appear in the bottom right asking if you’d like to upgrade your tokens. Click Upgrade.

5. After you enter your password to confirm your access, a dialog will open that displays how many V1/V2 tokens will be upgraded, estimated gas costs and your ETH balance. Clicking Upgrade will migrate all of the V1/V2 tokens into V3 tokens. This process may take a few minutes depending on blockchain confirmation speeds.

6. To send your V3 DBETs to another address, you will need to ensure your wallet has VTHO.

If you have any issues performing the swap, please email us at support@decent.bet

Thank you.