December Wrap-Up and Overview

And just like that, another year draws to a close.

The cryptocurrency market has seen its peaks and valleys (and valleys, and valleys), but it has forced surviving organizations to become more streamlined and product-focused.

Overall it’s been an interesting thing to witness, but, it’s my very firm belief that this is exactly what the space needed. It needed to mature, it needed product, and it needed to be able to add value to an end-users life beyond which is currently being offered by traditional products. This is how viable industry growth will be achieved, through differentiating value, through showing the true benefits of blockchain technology, and from making it all as easy to use as possible for the end-user.

For itself, this strategic approach has been the foundation of our 2018, and one which of course has resulted in the successful deployment of our mainnet as well as a host of other development-related achievements.

So what exactly has December held for

A few things.

From an internal perspective, the team began the month with the crucial, and incredibly beneficial process of planning out the entirety of 2019. It was a time where many of the core team gathered in Las Vegas and discussed everything from lessons learned, to diving into the finite details of how to achieve our 2019 road-mapped goals. Whilst not as exciting or far-reaching as a marketing campaign or initiative, this type of exercise is essential for organizational success as it allows for the creation of a clear, single narrative and the reduction of any friction and hurdles which distributed teams often face.

Almost immediately after the planning session concluded, we were incredibly proud to release our open mainnet slots product. This offering included all of the slots which were available on the closed beta release as well as the community designed slots skins which were submitted as part of a competition earlier in the year. We are approaching 100 users on our platform and we couldn’t be happier with our growth to date, particularly given relevant market conditions and external factors.

Shortly after our open mainnet release, we published further details to our slots lottery process. This process is one which draws a singular winner each month to receive the entirety of the house takings for that period. Note, as outlined in our 2.0 Whitepaper, this drawing will cease once our bet-on-bet model is available towards the latter end of 2019.

To round out the month, we recently published our end-of-year development overview. The overview includes everything from the logic behind our blockchain migration to our technical strategic goals moving into the new year. To further support and foster transparency in our process, our Head of Product, Mark Herberholz, will be providing monthly overviews in the same format as well as being available on a regular basis in our Discord channel. If you haven’t yet read the article, please see the below link for further details.

As a general reminder, we recently announced our intention to expand our team with a UI/UX Designer and a Mobile Web Developer. This is still an ongoing process, so please, if you have experience in these areas see the below article for further details about the roles and the application process.

Lastly, it would be incredibly remiss of me not to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It’s the time of the year where we get to enjoy much needed time with our families, excellent food (and maybe drink if we are lucky), and reflect upon all that we are fortunate for. From everyone here at, we hope you enjoy this time and your New Year’s festivities, and we look forward to seeing where our journey together goes both in the near and the long term.

All the best and until next month,

Braden Rowe
Operations Manager

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