2.0: The Rebrand and Evolution of Our Platform

Rebrand, Re Envision, Revolutionize

From Day 1, our vision has been to revolution the gaming industry. How can we truly decentralize and disrupt? How can we do to gaming what Uber did to taxis?

We are constantly challenging ourselves to evolve and to think bigger. Our concept of “Be the House” is revolutionary — but can our platform be even more? What can we do to truly flip the gambling industry on its head?

And that has led us to 2.0:

an open-source peer-to-peer gaming platform where anyone with an idea can build a game, a predictive market, or a casino room and share in the revenue.

We’re talking about an ecosystem where developers, designers and users have a platform to let their imagination run wild and collaborate on their own ideas and games — and then push their creativity to the world while earning rewards for their work.

We’ll provide the tools for designers and developers. We’ll even provide a model to build off with our own blockchain casino. But anyone with a kickass idea can add to it and earn.

Think of it as Roblox for Gambling. The platform provides the tools, the community creates the content, the community is rewarded for their work, the content brings in players and the ecosystems grows.

The only limit is your imagination.

How the 2.0 Platform Will Work

Time to blow the roof off of gaming.

We are expanding our offering and what it means to “be the house.” Users will now be able to create their own games or customize a variety of games offered by the DBET team to personalize the experience for their target users.

For example:

  • Imagine customizing a slot machine with your five best friends faces on it — and all of them being able to play it together.
  • Imagine a third-party marketplace where developers who build awesome games can be rewarded — and we incentivize their creativity.
  • Or Refer-a-Friend rewards program that incentivizes the community to help with the adoption of the platform.
  • Imagine creating prediction markets with smart contracts where you and your friends can literally make a bet on anything.

You can build your own personalized room with the games you want — and bring players to your room — to truly be the house with your own casino.

You can create a bet with a smart contract on anything with a friend — on the spot when you think of it. You can text or WeChat a friend saying, “I bet you I can do XYZ” or “I bet you today the Lakers will win by at least 15 points against the Warriors.” Then you book the wager.

That, to us, is the future of gaming.

That is 2.0.

The DBET Foundation IS the Platform 2.0 will be a platform to facilitate gaming for everyone.

First, we need to make this simple to do. That begins with a robust Game Design Library.

Game Design Library: The platform will have a third-party marketplace where developers can add content:

  • If a developer wants to design games, they log into the platform and access the library.
  • They create content and upload it to a specific library (Sounds, Images, Skins, etc.)
  • They save their designs in the Game Design Library. Now other developers can use their content to create games. A developer can grab a skin, a sound, an image, or code and bring it all together quickly to create a game. With this concept developers don’t need to create content from scratch, they just need to choose what they want to plug it all together and bring the game to life.

The Gaming Ecosystem: The gaming platform itself will be separated into two lobbies:

  1. Traditional Casino: Slots, card games, sports books, etc. This is what has already been in development and it will be the foundation for everything else.
  2. Community Designed Gaming: This is the bread and butter and pulls from the creativity provided by the Gaming Design Library. The community can create their own casino rooms, games, decentralized peer-to-peer betting with social interaction. This will be fun and vibrant and everything that online casinos are not.

This is taking the “Be the House” concept, but adding more to it. The community has more options, both in building games and in participating in overall revenue sharing:

  • Be the House: The community can still back specific games, wager, or sessions, but at their own determined time and risk. If you want to potentially earn passive income by taking part in three-month house sessions — you can. But if you have an appetite for more risk and volatility, you can back a bet, or you can back an hour of slot play, it’s all up to you. You’re not limited.
  • Build the House: Again, the only limit here is what you can imagine. If you have a new slot concept, build it, you’ll have the tools to do so. If you want to create a full casino room, you’ll be able to. If you have a new concept for a game you think should exist and does not — we have a platform and community in place for you to find out. And you’ll share in the revenue.

We know we’re changing from, “building an online blockchain casino” to “building an ecosystem for people to create, build, market and have fun with their own p2p betting smart contracts and games.” It’s a big shift. The onus is on us to deliver. But once we do, there’s no limit to what you can create.

How Does the Community Participate in the Revenue?

The full details of revenue participation will come out in our newly created Whitepaper in September.

It’s important to note though that the opportunity to earn passive income still exists — you just have more control over the timeframe. We will no longer lock anyone into three-month sessions. You can still do three-month sessions, or longer, or shorter. The decision is yours. Back the most popular games in the most popular rooms. Take a chance on a new game or simply back a bet in a sportsbook.

Real money will go to people backing the games.

Additionally, this change does not impact initial concepts like the “Strike it Rich Lottery” for participants. It will just open the pool up to more.

And This Is Regulatory Compliant?

Yes, yes, it is.

There were regulatory questions surrounding the three-month house session model. It caused our token to be viewed as a security, and it was limiting both our ability to get listed on exchanges and potentially launch online gaming in certain jurisdictions.

This new, more open model, solves both issues.

We have been working closely with our Malta-based attorneys and the MGA in ensuring the proper regulatory framework is in place for all elements of the platform. This has been well-thought out and vetted. We will continue working in tandem with our legal team and regulators to ensure compliance across-the-board.

To break it down further:

  • Increased liquidity from exchange listings will reward our holders. Volume increases almost immediately.
  • The repositioning of the token away from being a security will open up new online gaming jurisdictions for us, broadening the potential customer (and backer) base and ultimately impacting supply & demand. In part because of this shift, as we wrote earlier, we will be able to participate in Malta’s “crypto sandbox” period late in Q3 2018. Gaming opportunities are already opening up.

Timelines and What Comes Next

We want to be held accountable. We want to provide milestones, expectations, and meet them. You’ve stuck with us, we owe you that.

Here’s key steps and milestones as part of the rebranding:

Expanding more on the above:

  • August 10th we’ll begin a new community contest around the rebranding. Details to come, but start thinking of a new slogan.
  • August 16th we’ll launch our new, rebranded website. The website will reflect the new look of the brand as well as refresh the content on the current site.
  • Early September is big for us. The new whitepaper will be released. We’ll also begin Alpha testing Mainnet.
  • In late September and October we’ll begin releasing product demos, including the first look at how 2.0 will operate, and of course a new product roadmap.

There will be many, many more announcements in between, starting tomorrow. We’re just scratching the surface with this.

Additionally, we will quickly and aggressively begin ramping up our dev team to add some muscle in creating this new platform. This is a bigger idea and it requires a bigger, seasoned gaming industry team. The dev team will be conducting regular sprints so we meet all of our product deadlines and continue the positive progression and foundation established by our existing team.

These are exciting times. Follow the above timeline for more announcements coming soon.

And look for a video from our founder and CEO Jedidiah Taylor later today explaining our rebrand further and a FAQ on the rebrand within the next week.

Thanks for your continued support of

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