Approved for Dominica Gaming License

Jedidiah Taylor and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Mainnet is ready to launch in May, but where can we operate?

Different countries fall under different gaming licenses. Cryptocurrency adds an extra layer of complexity in some cases as to how you’re regulated. Our challenge was to find the best fit for us at launch.

As wades into the real money gaming waters, we will first do so under a Dominica gaming license.

This is exciting news for us. We’ve spent time in the Commonwealth of Dominica, doing charity work after last year’s hurricanes. We’ve also formed a great relationship with the local government (as seen above with Jedidiah Taylor and Prime Minister Skerrit, or below through our charitable work).

In all, the Dominica license allows us to operate in over 125 jurisdictions. We’ll provide the complete list in the coming weeks, but key countries at launch will include Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Norway and South Korea.

We will continue pursuing relevant jurisdictional licenses to expand in other markets as well. But, the Dominica license gives us the opportunity to be launch, learn, and grow as we prepare for larger market entries.